Bad And Healthy Food


Many people always remind you not to eat many Sweets, cakes, chocolates or more. We call these 'balances'. You must never eat more than 5 sweets or chocolates and cakes a day. They are bad for you stomach and teeth. Chips are quite ok to eat, even if they are a little bit bad for you. Chips are a little bit bad because they are, but there made from potatoes. Sugar is very bad but the good thing is it gives you energy for running, skipping, hopping and excersises.


Mayors and Important people always remind you to eat at least 5 fruit a day. This gives you vitamin C,D,K and M. Here are you must do:

Good things Bad Things
Water Sugar
Carrots Chips
Potatoes Chocolate
Meat Cakes
Milk Sweets of any type
Berries Salt

Some drinks like orange juice are good. Ribena is a little bit good, but it's got so many vitamin c. We call this 'Rich in vitamin…' and you add the vitamin.

Healthy drinks and non-healthy drinks

Some drinks are healthy and some are not. Ribena is one of the healthy ones.

Healthy Drinks Half healthy Non-Healthy drinks
Ribena Fanta (Orange) Sprite
Apple juice 7 up Coca-Cola
Orange Juice
5 Alive
Fanta (Fruit twist)
Fanta (Icy lemon)
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