Club Penguin

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I do NOT Have Twitter. Imposters are showing me on twitter. I am not on twitter and never will be. Please note that they are fake imposters of me. I can't believe people are making fakes of me. Just so that you know. DSS Dundonald

Club Penguin is a Computer Game. It is free. There is nothing to Download. To get started, go to the official Club Penguin website. Here are the Instructions.

1. Go to the Club Penguin Homepage.
2. Find out how to create an account.
3. Log in.
4. Click any Server.
5. Walk around and play games!


The servers are very important. If you see a server with a smiley face near it, That means a buddy is logged on that server. When you start, you will not have any buddy's so you can NOT see any. If a server has a Speech bubble, this means you can Log in but you must select the word messages to speak.


When you Log in, you will be dropped in a famous place of Club Penguin. When you first log in, You will be dropped in You're igloo which is your Club Penguin home. All penguins have it. If you log in again, you will be dropped in a famous place like The Plaza, Snow Forts, Town and the Beach. A very Famous place which you can never arrive in is Rockhopper Island.

Here is a video that I made of The Famous Places.


(Middle is Rockhopper, left is Gary the Gadget guy and right is Aunt Artic)


(This is Rockhopper)
Rockhopper is a famous penguin which travels to Club Penguin every two months. You can not meet him Right now. There is one game about Rockhopper and its called 'Aqua Grabber'. Rockhopper does not live in Club Penguin, he lives in Rockhopper Island. There are many special ways to get there. A famous way is to play 'Hydro Hopper' (A game in the dock) up to level 25. Rockhopper is a red penguin. When you see him, Rockhopper has only a pirate hat but for real, he has some beard.


(This is Aunt Artic)
Aunt Artic is Club Penguin's newspaper writer. She started writing in May 2007. She is always busy writing so you cant meet her. A good way to meet her is to stay in the Coffee shop (WARNING: Remember to choose the right server!). She does many things. Aunt Artic is a green penguin with glasses. She has a pink hat.



This is the Penguin Band. They are often playing somewhere when Club Penguin's having a party. G Billy is the leader. I had discovered that G Billy is ment to be G Billybob (Or Gary Billybob!). G billy plays the drums. Peter K is my favourite member of the Penguin Band. He plays the Piano or sometimes a Instrument I can't remember. Stomping Bob Plays The Guitar (Or Banjo). Franky is the newest Member, you see him in Franky's First show book (Its in the book room Library). He plays the Banjo or Guitar. It is strange that they noone in the Penguin Band sings! I wish I was in the Penguin Band. If you meet the penguin Band you will get a FREE BACKGROUND! Meeting the Penguin band is 10 times harder that meeting Rockhopper! Its rare to meet them. I never met them, But if you where at The Music Jam 2008, You could meet them when they had breaks at Backstage. I don't think you can meet them normally!


(This is Gary the Gadget Guy)
Gary (Also named G) is Club Penguins Town Inventor. He has invented many inventions like Aqua Grabber, Jet pack Adventure and Pizzatron 300. G is a penguin you can nearly never see. He can often come to events, but he is Normally in the Gadget Room. The Gadget room is in the Agent HQ. You can't see it. G is a dark blue penguin with a white coat. He has special glasses.


Sensei is a grey penguin that was first seen on the 17th November 2008. He said he built the dojo when he was young and alone in the Club penguin times (Above) and spent a lot of the time in club penguin alone, learning new things. He may have met Herbet the Polar bear already, but I don't think so. Sensei has a yellow hat and a white beard. He is the Ninja-Teacher so you can visit him in the dojo at anytime. Sensei will award you lots of belts when you start playing games of Card Jitsu in the Dojo. Once you have the black belt, you have to challenge him and beat him. Then you will become a ninja.




Iceberg-The Iceberg is a secret place located North-east. Penguins are always trying to tip it, but for me I think that if you tip it, you get banned forever (You can't ever go on Club Penguin again). Penguins also try and dance for party's near it, but I think they are going to stop it when the Iceberg tips. When the Iceberg tips, the server it tipped on will be automatically be destroyed.
The Dojo-The Dojo is a big room you can always visit. It looks like a palace. If you just discovered a room near it (Except from the Mountain which isn't a secret), Tell you're friends! In 2008, Sensei started working in the Dojo and now you can play Card Jitsu in the Dojo!!! To start earning belts to become a ninja, Talk to Sensei on the green cusion in the Dojo! If you want to know more about Sensei, Go to the Sensei part of this page (Above).
The Mountain-If you feel like you want to do some cool sport, the sled runs in the Mountain can help! I know a secret of the runs which is: if a penguin is close to you and you see a pool, go to it for more fuel! The Mountain is called 'Ski Mountain'. Just near it is the 'Ski Village and Dojo'. The runs never broke until Rockhopper broke them! He smashed the lift and ruined the mountain!


Game Description Game found in
Sled Racing You must sled race bettween 2-4 players. Pools give you energy Mountain
Aqua Grabber Rockhopper's ship has crashed and you must find the ship's pieces Iceberg
Card Jitsu Get as many belts as possible and when you get the black one, Challenge Sensei to become a ninja! Dojo



Mine Shack/Mine- The Mine Shack is a tunnel located south of the Dojo. Nobody knows who built the Mine Shack. We do know a penguin did. Inside the Mine Shack (The Mine) is underground. On the left there is a tunnel which leads you to the Cave were you can swim. On the Right is the Exit, but you must play Cart Surfer to get out!
Ski Village- The Ski Village has many rooms you can go to. Take the lift to go to the Mountain or go to any room. In the Ski Village there is the 'Tour centre'. If you are new, take a tour from the Ski Village. If you are more than 45 days old you can become a tour guide. On the Right of the Ski Village is the Winter sports shop and the Ski Lodge.
The Winter Sport shop- The Winter Sport shop is a great place to buy sport stuff. You could buy Surfboards so you can cheat in Catchin' waves! You could buy wakeboards so it makes it hard to jump over things in Hydro-Hopper. You could buy player Backgrounds and so many other things. If you go through the first changing room you go to the Super Secret Agent Headquarters.
Secret Agent Headquarters- This is a room only Secret Agents can go in. To go back to the sports shop click the Sports Shop camera or go through the left door. You can go anywhere by using you're spy phone or clicking on a camera. You can't go to the Iceberg or the Mine by the Cameras. You can go to a secret Place, The Dojo.
The Ski Lodge- This is a great place to relax. Here you can go fishing and earn some coins. Or, you can play Find Four with a friend. Find Four is an easy game to play. Go up the ladder to the Lodge Attic, Were you can play Find Four if there is no room in the lodge. You might want to stay there until the co-co clock says 'Co-co'. That will disturb you if you are playing Find Four.
The Lodge Attic- This room is the same as the Ski Lodge, But there is more Find Four tables. The Lodge Attic is stacked with nearly everything a famous penguin will need! it could be sometimes decorated for a party.
The Town- The Town is one of Club Penguin's most famous place. On the left is The Coffee shop were you can stay for hours waiting to see Aunt Artic. In the Middle is the famous Nightclub, Which looks like A jail in Rockhopper Island. On the Right is the Gift Shop were you can buy clothes and more.
The Coffee Shop- Penguins claim that the Coffee Shop is one of Club Penguin's oldest Rooms. It is like the Pizza Parlour but with Coffee. You could play 'Bean Counters' if you go to the bean bags. You could go upstairs to the Book Room to read some books. There is so many things you could do in the Coffee Shop. There is one problem. Nobody wants to be a Coffee Waiter!
The Book Room- The Book Room is a great place to play Mancala. Mancala is a fun game, but difficult to learn. You MUST read the instructions on the wall. You could read some books in the Book Room Library. You could chat to a friend and change the picture hanging out on the wall on the right. You might also want to give tours, Pizzas and coffees in the Book Room.
The Dance Club/Nightclub-Welcome to the Nightclub! There are many things to do here. You could Dance or take the secret way through the speaker to the Boiler Room. You could go to the Lounge and do so much stuff! You might want to be a Nightclub Teacher or pretend to be the Green Puffle (It Might be in the Lounge). Otherwise, if you're bored, why not play DJ3K? To play that, Go other to the DJ and start making your music!
The Boiler Room- This place gives Club Penguin Heat and Electricity. If you click on the cupboard there are the last 6 weeks newspapers. Reading them is a great way to know about Club Penguin. You can also look around for pins to put on you're player card.
I hope you find all of the pins-There might be one in the Boiler Room!
The Lounge-Welcome to the Lounge! Here you can relax after dancing. You could enjoy playing Astro-Barrier or Thin Ice here. You could also look around and chat. You could plan a party with a friend. You could meet up with friends. You could do many things in the Lounge!
The Gift Shop-Just like the Winter Sports shop, here you could buy some other Items. You might be lucky to find secrets. A secret found in every months catalogue is a Red and Blue Viking Helmet. Read more about the the Viking Helmets in the F.I.S.H catalogue which is in the Agent HQ. There are other secrets in the Catalogue. You might want to buy some stuff in the 'Wig Catalogue'.
The Snow Forts-The Snow Forts is a great place to have Snowball Fights. You could throw them by clicking on the Snowball item. You could go and play Hockey at the Super Ice Rink. You must wear a Hockey Helmet and stick to play Hockey! You could find them in the Sports Catalogue.
The Super Ice Rink- The Super Ice Rink (Also named the Ice Rink and the Super Rink) is a place were you can play Hockey. You must have a Hockey Stick and a Hockey helmet to be a real Hockey player. The Ice Rink Seats is a great place to watch matches. You must be a member to play Hockey, But you don't if you want to sit in the seats.
The Plaza-Welcome to the Plaza! This is one of the first places you visit. On the Left is the Pet Shop were you can buy pets and pet furniture. In the middle is the Stage which is the only place in Club Penguin which is ALWAYS decorated. On the Right is the Pizza Parlour. Go there for a Pizza. Go under the tunnel between the Stage and Pet Shop to go to the Cave.
The Pet Shop-The Pet Shop is a great place to buy Pets and Pet Furniture. If you are a member, you can adopt up to sixteen Puffles! If you are not a Member, you can buy only 2 puffles. Puffles are pets to look after. They could run away if you don't take care of them.
The Cave and Underground Tunnel-The Cave is a great place to swim in. In July 2007, the middle wall of the cave cracked and it spread round Club Penguin. The Tunnel is a short cut from the Plaza-Cave. To the Right of the Cave is the Mine and on the left of the cave is The Boiler Room.
The Stage- The Stage is a great place to watch what other penguins do. If you are a judge, you like to see penguins dancing. If you are in the Audience, watch carefully. Its so cool what Penguins do at the Stage. Try clicking on the buttons on the Switch box. They are way cool!
The Pizza Parlour-The Pizza Parlour is a great place to go to. Go there to order the best pizza. Help making pizzas with Pizzatron 3000 (Game in Kitchen). Be the Boss (1 problem-If you are being too bossy, Penguins will start Reporting you!). There is One thing that penguins just hate-ROBBING! If you rob the Pizza Parlour, you will be reported. People will also be going mad of you if you do rob.
The Forest- The Forest is a place full of trees. There are no Games. You can walk over the stone there is. That makes a short cut. If you go to the Right, you will go to the Cove. If you go to the Left, you will go back to the Plaza. The Forest is a good place to visit if you want to study Nature.
The Cove- The Cove is the Right place to go Surfing. Surfing in Club Penguin is called 'Catchin' Waves'. Penguins are cool and good surfers. They can do anything on a surfboard. The Cove also has a pool. You could eat Marshmallows on fire if you go near the fire. Penguins call Marshmallows 'MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMARSHMALLOWS'!


Game Description Game Found In
Find Four You must find four colours of yours in a row. Ski Lodge/Lodge Attic
Bean Counters You must collect all the Bean Bags from the truck. Coffee Shop
Mancala You collect some stones and have free turns Book Room
Astro Barrier You are a spaceship and you must try and shoot all the dots Lounge
Thin Ice Guide a puffle through mazes until you reach the red square Lounge
Snowball Fights Have Snowball Fights with a friend! Snow Forts (Penguins can throw snowballs anywhere, though)
Hockey Play Hockey and count how many goals you do! Super Ice Rink
Puffle Round-up Catch Puffles in a hundred seconds Pet Shop
Pizzatron 3000 Make Pizzas before they go away Pizza Parlour
Catchin' Waves Surf on a surfboard and earn coins! Cove
Cart Surfer Do tricks on a cart Mine
Ice Fishing Catch as many Fish as you can Ski Lodge
Book Game Type a book out and earn 50 or 220 Coins! Book Room
Mix Music/DJ3K Make your own music and get some coins! Nightclub



The Beach- The Beach is Famous for the Lighthouse. Rockhopper's ship is always docked here. The Beach might have a stall if there is an event which will be very famous like early 2008 when Rockhopper's Ship crashed. There was a 'Save The Migrator' (The Migrator is Rockhopper's ship but it crashed) project. The Migrator made a new game come out- Aqua Grabber.
The Lighthouse- The Lighthouse changes its music every time an event happens (Like if Rockhopper arrived). It is a great place to set up bands on stage. You could see bands. Go to the 'To top' sign (Its hanging out from the walls) to go to the Lighthouse beacon or click it.
The Lighthouse Beacon- Welcome! This is the Lighthouse Beacon. You can play Jetpack Adventure if you want to fly. This is one of Gary's inventions. Click the telescope to see what's happening (If you see a ship coming, Rockhopper's here!). There might be Interesting things that will be put on the Newspapers of Next Thursday. If you jump off the beacon you arrive in Rockhopper Island.
The Dock- The Dock is a great place to go if you want to celebrate stuff. You can play Hydro-Hopper here. Penguins believe that if you get up to level 25, you will go to Rockhopper Island. You can get free Red Puffles there. You can get stuff Rockhopper has.


Game Description Game Found In
Jetpack Adventure Drive you're penguin around the Island by flying Lighthouse Beacon
Hydro-Hopper Jump over everything you see except from buoys Dock


The Migrator- This is the ship of Captain Rockhopper. It is found in the Beach, and you must go to the bridge to enter it. You do not need anything to enter this building.
Captain's store-I cant remember its name, but this is the Store of Captain Rockhopper. It is underneath his ship. You can buy items here and all those things!
Captain's HQ- This is the Captains HQ. It is in the store. You can not enter unless you Have Rockhoppers Key. That is at the last page of Rockhoppers Journal that is in the book room. Look at the Captains latest news! Look at The Captain in picture! Find out how to play 'Treause hunt. You play Treasure hunt at the Sandpits.
Crow's Nest-Crows nest is at Rockhoppers ship. It is high above peguins. You are very close to Yarr. Click the arrow on the ship to go here.
Music Jam 2008 Backstage- This is at the Dock. It was only aloud for the 5 Day Music Jam '08 Party. It is very cool. only the VIP Could enter. This room is no longer avavible after the 31st July 2008. Only members could enter. Noone else could. It had 2 mirror and some instruments for sale. The Penguin Band entered the room for a break on Monday the 28 of July.


Game Description Game found in
Treasure Hunt Find as many gems, coins and stuff. Get an emerald bonus and your R-I-C-H-! Captain's HQ


Rockhopper Island is Rockhopper's home. There are free red puffles and free Rockhopper stuff. Penguins claim its located near the north of Club Penguin, on the other side of the Iceberg. If you jump of the Lighthouse beacon, you arrive in Rockhopper Island. If you go up to level 25 in Hydro-Hopper, You arrive in Rockhopper Island. You can try other ways if you go and search on Youtube. Youtube is a website you can see. there are videos and storys of people arriving in Rockhopper Island.


If a penguin has been kind to you and you want to be their friend, Click on the penguin and click 'Add Buddy'. If you have more 100 Friends, you can NOT do this unless you remove one. Wait a few minutes until he replies. To see his/her message look and see if a envelope appears near the Newspapers. If it dose, Click on it. There are two options of what might happen:

a) They say '(Penguin Name) has responded. "No, Thank-You"'. This means they don't want to be you're friend.
b) They say '(Penguin Name) Accepted, and now is your buddy'. This means they wanted to be you're friend!

Friends are called Buddys. To see them, click 'Show buddy's' at the bottom of you're screen. There you can do anything you want to do with them.

If you meet a person which says 'Get Lost' or 'Idiot' or any bad words which make you sad, there are two options to do.

a) Report them if they said it over again and again. Do this by clicking on them and click the last button. Then follow the instructions.
This will make the player go on you're Ignore list. The Ignore list is the skull sign on the bottom of you're Buddy List.
b) Add them to you're Ignore list. this will make them continue, but you must Ignore them. Do this by clicking on them and click the
Skull. If they say it over and over again, Report them.


Every few days in a month in Club penguin, There are parties! The Island is decorated, and it can be cool. Below are the most Remarkable parties in Club penguin:

Party name Year it happened in Month it happened in
Christmas Party 2007 Late December
Medival Party 2008 Around Febuary
Music Jam 2008 Around March
Christmas Party 2008 Late December
Member Party 2009 Around January.
Puffle Party 2009 Late April
Fall Fair Once a year September

Some parties are very boring, but if you think that, think again! Some parties are cool. Some parties, Like the Music Jam 08, have a famous penguin you can meet. Some parties have actually things you can spend hours looking at. In the Medival party, There was a mirror in the mountain that you could click on and it would tell you the answer to what you asked it. In the Dojo Courtyard during the Puffle party, When White puffles weren't puffles yet, A white puffle popped up! And then penguins tried to get it but it was not succesful. In the Christmas Party 2008, There was a Workshop in the Dance lounge. In the Christmas Party 07, There was a train station at the Forest. In the Fall fair every year, There are a few games and tickets and prizes to be won for members, and non members. Theres your chance Non-members to get some Items you will want! Some parties have a Secret room, or a History. In the Water Party, we remember the flood that happened in July 2007 in Club penguin by celebrating and in the Water Party 2008, It had a whale attached to the Iceberg. There are loads of Party Memories to remember!

If you dont like Parties, why not be creative and create your own Things in Club penguin?



If you are New to Club Penguin, You can take a tour from the Ski Village. If they say 'Tours Here' without a Tour Guide hat, Do NOT say 'Can I have a Tour?' Because they don't know anything about Tour Guides. You should Take a Tour from a Tour Guide Hat (A tour Guide hat is a hat with a question mark on it) Penguin. If the Penguin has NOT got the sign 'TOURS HERE' Up, He is Can not give you a tour. If a Penguin is, You can. Remember, Tours are not like REAL Tours, Tours of Club Penguin are just Tour Guides saying about places.


So You want to become a Tour Guide? To become a Tour Guide, You must be at least 45 days old. Here are the Instructions:

1. Go to the Ski Village
2. Click on the Tour stall.
3. Click on the last sentence of the poster.
4. Pass every question you think is right.
5. There are Two options of what could happen.
a) They say 'Congratulations!'.
b) They say 'Sorry'.

If they said Option A, You click Done or whatever there is at the bottom. You are a Tour Guide! Click on the Tour Bank Stall to know secrets of Tour Guides.
If they said Option B, Sorry. You are NOT a Tour Guide. Try again and again till it says 'CONGRATULATIONS!'. Then you are a proper Tour Guide. It will work once!


If you are 30 days old, You can become a Secret Agent. To become one, Click 'M' On the Top-Right Corner of you're screen. Follow my Instructions:

1. Pass the Quiz
2. Log Off
3. Log In
4. Click on you're player card
5. Check if there is a Phone on you're Player Card
6. There are Two Options of what might happen:
a) There is no Phone! This means you have to try again and again until you manage.
b) There is a Phone! This means you are a Secret Agent! You don't have to use you're map anymore. You can use you're spy phone.
Click 'Visit HQ' To buy clothes and to Complete Missions. There are 2 Catalogues. The first one is full of Missions and the second
one is full of information.


Secret Agents have Missions. I know how to complete all of them! I will tell you how!


1. Click everything on the bottom of you're screen until Aunt Artic makes you go out of you're Igloo
2. Go to the Ice Rink
3. Pick up the Puffle Pictures
4. Go to Aunt Artic's Igloo
5. Hand the pictures over to her by clicking on her while you have the Pictures.
6. Go to the Pet shop
7. Find the Secret Code
8. Figure the Code out
9. Go to the Sports shop
10. Click on Gary
11. Click on the second sentence after clicking
12. Type in the Code you found in the Pet shop (It keeps on changing!)
13. Take the top item
14. Go to the Iceberg.
15. Click on you're screen while holding the Item of the Sports Shop
16. Save all the Penguins
17. Go back to the Sports Shop
18. Take the other Item (The Bottom One)
19. Go to the Mountain
20. Fix the Penguins telescope with the Grabber thing
21. Look through the telescope
22. Look for Puffles
23. Click the sentence at the bottom
24. Go to the Tallest Mountain.
25. Take the Item from The Sports shop and throw it
26. Find Aunt Artic's Puffles and Click the Bottom every time
27. Click the Bottom Every Time at Aunt Artic's Igloo
28. Mission Completed!


1. Talk to Gary
2. Make Gary tell you the Riddle
3. Go to the Mountain
4. Click on the Sign place
5. Discover the Secret Word. Its the second one on the Right (One clue-The World starts with an 'M')
6. Go to the Sports Shop
7. Type the Secret Word from the mountain
8. Put the Sled in you're Inventory
9. Go to the Mountain
10. Do the 'Test Run' While dragging G's Sled
11. You must break the Sled
12. You loose you're map and you're Spy Phone, But It's part of the Mission!
13. Take the Survival Guide
14. Find the 'O Berry' bush
15. Go to the Log place and feed the Black Puffle an O berry
16. Go to were you landed and get the Rope and find the broken Ski.
17. Put them together
18. Now, Put an O Berry in the tab you put the Rope and the Broken Ski
19. Find you're way to the River
20. Take the Broken Ski, Rope and O Berry tab out of you're inventory and throw it round the River
21. Put the Broken Ski, Rope and O' Berry back in you're Inventory
22. Take the fish
23. Go to the Cave thing
24. Click on a Rock
25. Go back to the River
26. Take the log in the Right
27. Go to the Cave
28. Put the Log where all the rocks are gathered up
29. Take the Survival Guide out of you're inventory and put it were the Log is
30. Feed the Puffle an 'O Berry' near the fire
31. Take the fish and put it on fire. Click on it again
32. Go out of the Cave and try to find the Saucepan in the tree
33. Click the stick of the tree 3 Times
34. Take the Saucepan and put it in you're inventory
35. Go back to the River
36. Put the Saucepan in the River
37. Put the water in you're inventory
38. Go to the Cave
39. Put the Water on fire. Click on it again
40. Go outside the cave after sleeping
41. Click at the bottom every time.
42. Click at the bottom also with G.
43. Mission Completed!


1. Talk to the Lady
2. Make the Lady close the door
3. Make the Lady Open the door
4. Go into the Manager's office
5. Go under the Sofa
6. Put the Disk and Paper clip in you're inventory
7. Go onto the Computer
8. Put the Disk in
9. Make sure the Button on the left is Green, Not Red
10. Click on 'My Files'
11. Click on 'Combination Number'
12. Go to the lady
13. Click on the Confirm stuff behind the Lady
14. Type in the 'Combination Number' Of the Computer
15. Go inside the Door
16. Talk to the Lady Again
17. Go in the Agent HQ.
18. Talk to G
19. Click on the Wardrobe G opened
20. Click on the First key on the left
21. Get the Purple thing in the HQ (Its a Bulb)
22. Go to The Gift Shop
23. Go to the Manager's office
24. Go onto the roof (You need the Key!)
25. Take the Middle Item from you're Spy Phone
26. Put it near the Power Box
27. Go inside the Power Box
28. Put the Paper Clip inside the Power Box
29. Take the White fibres from the Roof (Its near the Water Plug!)
30. Go to the HQ
31. Talk to G (Do G's Mission)
32. Go to Town
33. Go inside the Nightclub
34. Click on the Bulb in you're inventory
35. (Use you're Spy Phone or Go through the Speaker) Go to the Boiler Room
36. Click on the Bulb if they say It's dark again
37. Go inside the Fuse Box
38. Make all the circles go Green (It will take an hour or two)
39. Go to G and talk to him
40. Mission Completed!


1. Make G let you go in the Gadget Room
2. Go inside the Gadget Room
3. Go to the Shelf's and pick up the thing on the Top-Left
4. Go to the Beach
5. Go to the Lighthouse
6. Pick up the Rope
7. Go to the Ski Village
8. Go inside The Ski Lodge
9. Get the Fishing Rod near the 'Ice Fishing' Game
10. Get the Fishing Rod and put it in the tab you put the 'Life Shooter'
11. Put the Rope in the Tab of the 'Life Shooter' and the 'Fishing Rod'
12. Go to The Sports Shop
13. Get The Belt from the Penguin
14. Go to the Mountain (Use Spy Phone or Map)
15. Go down the Ridge Run
16. Find out the Way to go to the end
17. Get the 'Fishing Rod', 'Life Shooter' and the 'Fishing Rod' Out of you're Inventory
18. Click between the Broken Fence while holding the Previous stuff
19. Find out the way to get all the Penguins (You MUST push the Rock down if you have three penguins)
20. Talk to G
21. Go to the Ski Village
22. Go on the top of the Mountain by walk
23. You arrive in a place. Put the Belt on it
24. Collect the Fur from (Just Like the Last Mission) (One Clue-Its near the Lift)
25. Go to G
26. Talk to him
27. Give G the Fur
28. Mission Completed!


1. Talk to G
2. Go on the Computer (Not you're Computer, The Computer near G)
3. Take the 'Comb' out of you're Spy Phone and put it were the Pink Fur Is
4. Go back to G
5. Take the Fur from G and put it in you're Inventory
6. Go back to the Computer
7. Take the Fur and put it were the Pink Fur is
8. Wait a few seconds
9. Go back to G
10. Talk to him
11. Get the 'AC 100' (If that was the Name of the Fan from the Shelf)
12. Put it in you're Inventory
13. Go to the Beach
14. Get The Net From The Left
15. Go Inside The Lighthouse
16. Get The Rope
17. Go to The Beacon
18. Put The Fan Near The 'Jetpack Fuel'
19. Put The Fan in you're Inventory. We don't need it any more
20. Go to the Pizza Parlor
21. Ask the Waiter if he needs Help
22. Now ask for some Sauce
23. Get a 'Hot Sauce' and some 'Hot Chocolate'
24. Get the Pizza near the counter
25. Go to the 'Ski Village'
26. Go to the 'Ski Lodge'
27. Go inside the 'Ice Fishing Door'
28. Talk to 'The Penguin'
29. Give 'The Penguin' the Pizza
30. Go to 'The Coffee Shop'
31. Ask 'The Penguin' for a 'Hot Chocolate'
32. Go to the place 'Hot Chocolate' Is made by clicking on it
33. Fix the Milk with the Grab thing in you're Inventory
34. Get 'The Mug' from the top and put it under the label 'Hot Chocolate'
34. Get the 'Chocolate Sauce' out of you're Inventory
35. Put it Were there is the Bowl (Once there was 'The Mug')
36. Can you see the 'Cold and Hot Thing' on the Left? Turn it to 'Hot'
37. Click the red button on the right
38. Wait a few seconds
39. Get 'The Mug' and put it in you're Inventory
40. Go to 'The Penguin'
41. Talk to him
42. Go to G
43. Say you have found everything
44. Put the 'Hot Sauce' on the Goggles
45. Put the 'Jetpack Fuel' on the Goggles
46. Put 'The Mug' on the Goggles
47. Tell G there is a Monster!
48. Grab the Goggles
49. Go to the 'Ski Lodge'
50. Get 'The Candle'
51. Go through the 'Fishing Door'
52. Take the 'Rope' and put it in the tab you put the 'Net'
53. Get the 'Net' and the 'Rope and put it on the Tree
53. Put 'The Candle' on the 'Net and Rope'
54. Wait a few seconds for the 'Crab to Come'
55. Get the Crab in you're Inventory
56. Get 'The Fur' like Last and the one before Mission
57. Go to G
58. Talk to Him
59. Give G 'The Crab'
60. Tell G about 'The Fur'
61. Go Onto the Computer
62. Put the Fur on
63. Go to G
64. Talk to him
65. Mission Completed!


1. Talk to G
2. Follow the Crab
3. When he goes under the Mountain, Keep on Following him
4. Follow the Crab
5. Go to the Puffle
6. Find O Berrys near a tree
7. Cut them down with the Scissors.
8. Go back to the Puffle
9. Feed him one
10. Go outside 'The Cave'
11. Put an O Berry in 'The Cave
12. No wonder you lost you're Spy Phone and Map, You would NOT loose anything else
13. Talk to 'The Polar bear'
14. At the end of his show, do NOT click 'Please Release!…'
15. Go near the Gage Lift
16. Put an O berry on the Brown holder
17. Put an O berry on the top of the medal the water is running
18. Get the Anchor and the Rope and put them Together
19. Get the Hot Sauce
20. Get the big, blue Paper (G's footprints)
21. Go out of The Cave (A pile of snow WILL fall down)
22. Put the Hot sauce and the O Berry together
23. Feed the Puffle one
24. Go out of The Cave
25. Find you're way to were you started
26. Click on the Cliff
26. Throw the Anchor and The Rope
27. Go to The Ski Lodge
28. Go Fishing
29. Go to The Pizza Parlor (By Walk)
30. Ask for Seaweed Pizza
31. Go back to the Ski Lodge
32. Go Fishing
33. Give 'The Polar bear' the Pizza
34. Quickly, Turn the Button from Green to Red!
35. Wait quietly
36. Talk to G
37. Give him the blue paper
38. Mission Completed (After Puffle goes in the Air)


Sadly, It's a few days I don't do missions. I only do missions when they come out. So please click the arrow button beneath to see how you do the mission. Thank You!


Sadly, It's a few days I don't do missions. I only do missions when they come out. So please click the arrow button beneath to see how you do the mission. Thank You!


1. Talk to G
2. Put the green things in your Inventory
3. Put the Duck in your inventory
4. Put the blue paper in your inventory
5. Go to the Plaza
6. Talk to the penguins
7. Get the bubble gum off them.
8. Put the gum on the duck.
9. Go to the Dock
10. Talk to the penguin next to the Hydro-Hopper boat.
11. Pull the handle
12. Borrow the Pump.
13. Put the Pump on the Duck
14. Make the handle of the pump go high, down…
15. Put the duck in your inventory.
16. Put a green thing on the duck.
17. Go to the Iceberg.
18. Put the duck on water and Off it goes!
19. Go to the Forest
20. Pick up the sticks
21. Add them to the blue paper
22. Go to the Ski Lodge.
23. Talk to the penguins
24. Find all the Counters in the Ski Lodge.
25. Put them all in your inventory together.
26. Go to the Lodge Attic.
27. Put the string on the blue paper and sticks.
28. Put the kite on a green thing
29. Find all the counters in the Lodge Attic.
30. Go back to the Ski Lodge.
31. Give the counters to the Penguins
32. Go to the Mountain
33. Put the kite and the green thing on the pole.
34. Go to the Mine Shack
35. Talk to the Penguin
36. Click on the water troughs (Under the penguin)
37. Now, Move all the blocks of wood so that you can make the metal go down.
38. Talk to the penguin
39. Click on the cart that tipped over two times
40. Cover all the broken bits by clicking on them with your mouse
41. Talk to The penguin
42. Put a green thing in the truck and click it.
43. You will receive a phone call.
44. Go to HQ.
45. Talk to G
46. Take the Binoculars
47. Go to the Ski Lodge and go fishing
48. Put the Binoculars near Herbet’s Camp or across the frozen pond.
49. Look at what Herbet,s doing
50. You will receive a phone call.
51. Go to Herbet’s camp and put your spy phone on your binouculars.
52. Try putting the binoculars on every grey tree until the binoculars stay one one.
53. You will receive a phone call.
54. Go to HQ.
55. Talk to G.
56. Click on the camera
57. Watch Herbet
58. Talk to g.
59. Mission completed!


1. Talk to G.
2. Herbet will appear on the screen.
3. Talk to G
4. Go to the Beach
5. Talk to the Jet pack guy.
6. Go in the Lighthouse
7. Get a barrel of Cream Soda.
8. Go to the Jetpack guy
9. Talk to him
10. Give him the Cream Soda Barrel.
11. Now, Fill up the second cup with the first cup. Fill up the third cup with the second cup. Fill up the first cup with the third cup. Fill up the third cup with the second cup. Fill up the second cup with the first cup. Fill up the third cup with the second cup and fill up the first cup with the third cup.
12. Talk to the Jetpack guy
13. Go to the Gift Shop
14. Talk to Rookie.
15. Go to the HQ
16. Click on the box next to G and put the blue thing in your inventory.
17. Go to the Gift shop.
18. Take the blue thing and put it on the wires near Rookie.
19. Click on a circle and put it somewhere until it matches the other one.
20. Talk to Rookie.
21. Go to the Dock and get some rope from the penguin.
22. Go to the Nightclub and attach it to the lever.
23. Open up your Spy phone and get the middle item.
24. Put it near the shiny thing.
25. Go inside the thing.
26. Put all the right circles in the right places
27. Go to the dock
28. You will receive a phone call.
29. Go around the dock.
30. You will receive a phone call.
31. Go to the Nightclub.
32. Pull the leaver to trap Herbet.
33. You will receive a phone call
34. Ignore it.
35. Put all the light towards the blue thing near Rookie.
36. Talk to everyone.
37. After Herbet goes away, Talk to G.
Mission Completed!


There are Moderators in Club Penguin. A famous one is 'Billybob'. If you say a bad thing, There will be something called 'Server Action' which can pop up at Any second in the Minute you said it. Normally, It comes out straight away. If you know Youtube, You can look there all about it (Read 'Club Penguin Banned' Videos).


When Server Action Comes up, Log off and log back on. Then, There will be a different Server Action that tells you how much you are banned for. If it says 'Your Ban will expire: Forever', That means you can never go onto Club Penguin UNLESS You create a new penguin, But the Penguin Name must be different than the one before or you will easily get banned again (For Example: I had a penguin named Dssdundonald. He got banned. I must create a new penguin with nothing to do with DSS Or Dundonald.) The name must be comeplety different! You can get banned up to Forever! A Youtube Friend of mine got banned and when he/she got unbanned again, He/she was a Moderator! The worst ban you can get is forever. I never Got Banned, But Sadly I am sure I will get banned near the end of this year. It's serious. A famous penguin people think is banned is Rockhopper. When you go in his account (Note: There are many Passwords!), It will say 'Server Action'. Only one Password is NOT Banned.


If you look at you're screen, There is a 'M' at the 'Top-Right' Corner of you're screen. Click on it too become a Secret Agent (Watch out!: You never know you're luck when you click on it, It might say you can become a Moderator!). The 'M' Sign on a Player's card means if they have not been good, You can 'Report' the player to a Moderator.



Puffles are round, furry pets that you can get from 'The Pet Shop'. Hunt for Puffles if you go hiking, There are five types of Puffles to be discovered; The Orange Puffle, The Gold Puffle, The Brown Puffle, The Rainbow Puffle and The White Puffle. Eight types of Puffles have been disvovered; The Blue Puffle, The Red Puffle, The Green Puffle, The Purple Puffle, The Pink Puffle, The Black Puffle, The Yellow Puffle and the white puffle.

Orangepuffle.png (This is The Orange Puffle (Left))Goldpuffle.png (This is The Gold Puffle)(Left)Brownpuffle.gif (This is The Brown Puffle and a Grandfather Clock)Rainbowpuffle.jpg (This is a Rainbow Puffle)Puffles.jpg (Here are all The Puffles already been Discovered except the white puffle)

The maximum Puffles you can have (If you are NOT A Member) is two, and if you are a Member, you can have up to sixteen! Members can buy any type of Puffle, and Non-members can only get The Blue and Red. The Puffles are in order of foundation. This means the first Puffle to be discovered was The Blue Puffles, and The last one is The White puffles, discovered on the 6th of March 2009.
Below is a table of Puffles Discovered.

Type of Puffle Puffle was _ to be discovered Puffle description
Blue Puffle First These Puffles were first to be discovered. They love playing with Balls
Red Puffle Second These Puffles come from Rockhopper Island and are very sporty
Pink Puffle Third This Puffle is always Happy. Girls like taking them
Black Puffle Fourth The Black Puffle loves Skateboards. When you look at them, they seem sad all the time
Green Puffle Fifth The Green Puffle is very hairy. It is a little bit sporty, and you must look at him sleep!
Purple Puffle Sixth The Purple Puffle is a bad eater. It loves to Exercise
Yellow Puffle Seventh Puffle, Discovered on November the 30th 2007 The Yellow Puffles love making Videos. When they eat, They turn Puffle O's to something in the Coffee Shop
White Puffle Eighth puffle, discovered on March 6 2009 Can freeze things, makes snowballs and is very strong

So doesn't that sound COOL? Remember, Puffles don't always last long! When you have Puffles, you must keep care of them or they can Run away and you're Puffle becomes a waste of money! Puffles are Eight hundred coins (800 Coins). Imagine, You're Puffle Running away and it's a waste of coins, more that One thousand coins lost! (More than 1000 Coins wasted)! It's better to get Two or Three Puffles. I've got a few Puffles, and it's so hard to keep care of them! Every Four or Five minutes, You have to come back, Feed them, Make them have a rest, Play and Bath them and then you forget where you were! Someone has Fourteen Puffles! When I visited them, They were dreaming of Pet Food, meaning that they are hungry.

Puffles can play with their Puffle furniture in the pet shop. With this ability, they can drink, eat, play and sleep by themselves! But it will take possibly 10-15 minutes to get your puffle happy with it. I reccomend NOT to have Puffle furniture. If they eat sleep or play by themselves, a bar will go down (The bars are those lines when you click on your puffle. They have 3 bars).

Here are some Instructions of what do do with your Puffles:


1. Click on you're Puffle
2. Click the Cookie
3. Decide what you want you're Puffle to eat (Gum, Cookie or Puffle O's)
3 TIP! Puffle O's are The Best
4. Done!


1. Click on you're Puffle
2. Click on The Lead
3. Done!


1. Click on you're Puffle
2. Click the Cookie
3. Click on The Bath
4. Done


1. Click on you're Puffle
2. Click on The Double Z button
3. Done!

When you do all this, you will recognise there are bars with a label on it.

(This is a Yellow Puffle. This diagram can give you information about how a Puffle looks like when you click on it)

The labels are there to tell how you're Puffle is. The Labels are 'Health', 'Energy' and 'Rest'. They are written in Bold, Capital writing. The could look cool, but you never know what you're Puffle mood is like! When you have a Puffle. Click on it and look how The Puffle is. Try to not feed it for a while (About 4 or 5 Minutes), And see how it's like. It's sad! This means that you are not treating it well. There is two cheat I know that if you do it, You only spend 10 coins per Puffle! I've got 10 Puffles, So Every time I do the cheat I loose 100 coins! If you are not a Member, you loose 10 coins if you have 1 Puffle and 20 coins if you have 2! (It's better to know you're Ten Times Tables for this work!). This is The Cheats:


There are other ways to keep your puffle healthy on

1. Click on you're Puffle
2. Feed it Puffle O's
3. Play with you're Puffle
4. Make you're Puffle Sleep
5. Done!

PUFFLE MOOD: Happy, But Not Completely!


There are other ways to keep your puffle healthy on

1. Click on you're Puffle
2. Give you're Puffle a bath
3. Feed you're Puffle Puffle O's
4. Done!

PUFFLE MOOD: Puffle is Very Happy. You're Puffle might show you his teeth!

When you're Puffle is in a bad mood, You need to know how to make it better! This is how to (I do NOT Use Gum OR Cookie):

Options Provides
Bath Health, Rest
Play Health
Puffle O's Energy
Sleep Rest

If a Puffle runs away, There is a Problem! There are two options of what (Might) Have Happened.

a) Someone has entered you're account and not fed you're Puffles!
b) You did not look after you're Puffle, and He/She has decided to run away!

If you do loose you're Puffle, It will come up '(Name Of Puffle) Has Run Away'. That is all you need to know about Puffles!


Don't believe you can only get Puffles! There are some Pets in The Orange Catalogue (Always in The Pet Shop)! If you flick to 'Other Pets' page, There are things you can get! If you see a Penguin wearing a Parrot on his shoulder, Don't believe they clicked on The Parrot! I think they get it from The Famous Penguin Rockhopper. You can't be Rockhopper's buddy, but you can get free gifts from him! One is The Parrot. I have A Parrot, Ten Puffles And A Goldfish. I tried clicking on My Parrot and I did not have My Parrot on My Shoulder. If you DO Have a Parrot, Do you know why you wear it on you're shoulder? Because Rockhopper's Puffle (Yarr) Lives on Rockhopper's shoulder, So if a penguin sees you wear it, They Think 'Oh! He got that From Rockhopper cause of the Parrot on his Shoulder'. I wish I had A Parrot, But I've met Rockhopper Five Times and all he gave me was a background!


Have you ever tried clicking on The Star at the bottom of you're screen? It comes up you're Penguin! You can not add yourself on you're Ignore List or Buddy List. If you click on The Bottom Tab, There are Pins, Penguin Colours and Backgrounds. If you click on The Top Tab, You can see The Clothes You Have. If you were In Club Penguin on December 2007, You might have a 'Coins For Change' Postcard. If you are a Secret Agent, At The End of You're Top Tab Are Rewards. You only have them if you have Completed A Mission.

2-Your Coins
3-Penguin Name

Those are where each Things go! I will tell you some of them now:


Pins are very little things you collect. Every 2 weeks there is a new pin hidden somewhere. Pins are hidden in Club Penguin. One day a post came out on the Club penguin website. Here is a link to it:

Pins will always be shown on your Player card.


Go To The Gift Shop and go to The Last Page Of Clothes. The Next Page has Backgrounds! They are for 60 Coins, But You can get Backgrounds nearly anywhere! You can get a Background from The Stage! There are Backgrounds In The Sports Shop. If you see a Penguin wearing a Background of Rockhopper and you would like The Background, You can have it at any time! All you need to do is to Find Rockhopper and Click on him. Click 'Free Item' and you can get The Background, or otherwise you get an Eyepatch, Parrot or Rockhopper Stuff! If you see Penguins Not Wearing any Background, This means that They Are New, Or They Don't want it on.


Go To The Gift Shop and Click on The Clothes Catalogue. You see There are Colours at The Front Page. Buy one if you want to. When you created a Penguin, The Colour that you chose is not The Only Colour you can have. You can have Peach, Pink, Purple, Brown, Red, Black and More colours! You just need to buy a colour. The Colour you brought will go to the only tab there is on your player card. They will look like Puffles, but They are NOT Puffles. Once you click on Them, You're colour changes to the colour you clicked on.


If you are a Member, You will have many clothes! If you are not a Member, You can only get free stuff. Once you do have clothes, Click on Them and whatever you are wearing might turn different.

So, That must be COOL! If you are not a member, Sometimes in Partys of Club Penguin there is a sign written 'Free!'. These things are for both Members and Non-Members. If you go to Rockhoppers store, Click on the paper on your bottom right. Then some selection of Items and Igloo furniture will come up. They are cool! The rare Items are only for members.


There are many reasons why you have rewards in you're inventory. These are why there might be:

a) You are a Tour Guide and you have a tour guide hat
b) You donated a few coins in December 2007 and you have a postcard (Coins for Change)
c) You are a Secret Agent and you have a Spy Phone
d) You are a Secret Agent and you have completed a Mission

If you are a Tour Guide, You have The Tour Guide Hat! Wear it on so Penguins ask 'Can I have a Tour?' or 'I am New. Can I Have a Tour?'. However, If they get closer to you they want a tour. And, Best of all Click on The Tour Bank and follow The Instructions!! If you donated a few coins in December 2007 on Coins For Change, You will have 'The Coins for Change Postcard'. If you want to know how it looks inside, I can not show a diagram but I can Tell you. There are two penguins holding a Coins For Change sign and at the bottom written 'Thanks For Donating!'. It's quite fun having it. If you are a Secret Agent, The Main Reward is The Spy Phone, but also there are rewards from Missions. Click on you're spy phone and change the destination by clicking on the destination! Then Click 'Teleport' and you are where you wanted to go! It's no use using The Map when you have a Spy Phone. Spy Phones also can go to The Agent HQ!!! If you are a Secret Agent, You will have rewards for Missions. Go to The Missions part of this page and do it so you can get so many rewards! However, If you completed 'Mission Four' (Or 'Avalanche Rescue'), There is a prize not put because it was destroyed after The Mission. Its quite hard to complete Missions, So don't worry if you can't complete a Mission!

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