Club Penguin Story

Hello. Welcome to a club penguin story.

IMPORTANT: I do not have Twitter. That's not me on twitter. I do not use CP cheats to find out stuff. I might have seen some but I do not have Twitter. Thanks for listening :)


It was a 17th November 2008. I was just waddling around club penguin when I saw the news. I looked at it. 'The Dojo'. The newspaper was always about the dojo. But penguins were dissapointed when they saw the roof of the dojo fall off. I was surprised. Anyway, There is nothing to do in the dojo. I Helped club penguin rebuild it, and it was succesful. Then I looked at the newspaper again. I remembered what day it was, Yesterday they had finished repairing the dojo! I went to the dojo-and then I saw a completely new room-The dojo courtyard. I just went in the dojo and could not believe my eyes! I went over to the man who explained me the rules. His name was Sensei.

A few days later, I got a black belt! I just needed to beat Sensei. I organised a match with him-and I know that its hard to beat Sensei but I HAD to try. Then I would be a Ninja. The Match started, and I was ready to beat him.

I picked the three of fire. Sensei picked the ten of water. Then he splashed me out of the dojo! Then I waited. When the clock would go up to one, I would click. At one, I clicked. I understood why he always beated me. SENSEI PICKED THE CARD AFTER ME! He must be looking at my cards! Then I picked cards again and again.

In the end, Sensei got one red ice, One blue ice and one green ice. He also had one yellow water. I knew he would do snow, So I went for fire. And he picked after me. He had a water. Not the ten of water, The seven of water. I knew I had lost the game! I took one Lucky guess, that was the seven of snow. Sensei picked the seven of snow. Draw! I went for Fire, and Sensei picked water. I had lost the game. I went to the plaza, and I just knew I tried my best. But he was looking at my cards! He was unbeatable. He was also….He was just unbeatable! A master! Head Ninja! Boss of all ninjas! But how could I beat him? I always wanted to. I might have to play again against me.

Two days later, I was fed up! I looked at the news. They said that card Jitsu was a fast way of becoming a ninja! They even said 'Take the fast past or take the long one'. If I was Aunt Artic, I would write 'Dont take the fast path, take the long one since beating Sensei is hard'. How could I get a rare card like Sensei? It was so unfair! I logged off club penguin and went to see the toys. I couldn't believe my eyes! You can get rare cards! But then, I looked again. Those toys were only avavible in USA! I logged on Club penguin and went the forest. That was where I saw my buddy, Cooldundonald.

"Hi Dssdundonald! Checking out da news, eh?" Asked Cooldundonald.
"No. Its that card game" I replied.
"Oh that game, Wanna have a match? I got brown belt!" Asked Cooldundonald.
"Well, I got black and I need to beat Sensei! But I have found out…." I replied.
"What have ya found out?" Asked Cooldundonald, amazed.
"That Sensei is looking at other penguins cards." I continued.
"Ha ha ha, where did ya get that joke, It is funny" Laughed Cooldundonald.
"No! I mean it! I waited 19 seconds and he picked the card STRAIGHT after me!" I shouted. Cooldundonald nearly fainted.
"Wait. He did that to me too! What shall we do?" Asked Cooldundonald. We set up some plans and all those things. We were on an adventure! We had to find rare cards.

The next day I looked for footprints as big as Sensei's. I managed to find them and I followed them. But, when they arrived to the cove, The footprints were gone! I tooked out my special map. Then I looked down and saw Senseis map! I picked it up.


Then I had a wonderful Idea! I sent a mail to Cooldundonald. In less than thirty minutes, he was in my igloo, saying what he had found. After he had nothing else to say, I told him about the footprints and the map.

"Right, we need a boat to get up to the Antartic!" Said Cooldundonald.
"I have one! I have one! Its so cool!" I shouted.
"Good, but where would the cards be in the Antartic? I have a plan!" Asked Cooldundonald.
"Whats the plan?" I asked
"We will go up to Sensei and ask him where he found those cards. Then if he asks why we will say because we wanted to make some" Replied Cooldundonald.
"Good idea! Lets go and make our plans real!" I said, walking towards the door.

We both entered the Dojo and walked over to Sensei.
"Hello Sensei!" Me and Cooldundonald said.
"Hello Grasshoppers!" Replied Sensei.
"Where do we get rare cards?" I asked.
"Oh, their not for sale-ha ha ha" Replied Sensei, "You see grasshopper, I found this kind of place deep in the water that made me go to china. Then I found cards in China. Why are you saying this, Grasshopper?" He continued.
"We want to make some" Cooldundonald replied.
"Ha ha ha" Said Sensei "Their made of cardboard but you must not make them. You will loose all your belts and we will ban you if we find out that their fake. Gary The gadget guy has a scanner to see if they are fake." Continued Sensei.
"Well, thank you! And goodbye!" Me and Cooldundonald said.

We set off by boat from the Iceberg. We followed the map.
"Wait a minute! Wait a minute!" Shouted Cooldundonald, "Where is the deep water place? It could be anywhere." Continued Cooldundonald.
"Well…I think we should dive under and find-" I replied.
"ROCKHOPPER! THE MIGRATOR!" Interrupted Cooldundonald. It was Rockhopper. We went on full speed. Then we were next to The migrator. We turned our boat. If was right next to the Migrator.
"Ah, who shall this be?" Asked Rockhopper.
"Were on a journey!" Replied Cooldundonald
"To where?" Asked Rockhopper.
"Were looking for a deep bit of water that if you sink in it you will go to China! Do you know where it is?" I asked.
"Yeah I do, but you have past it. Its not that far from the coast of Club penguin and it is dangerous. You may die there! Remember my Migrator crashed in Febuary? Or January?" Replied Rockhopper.
"Yes sir!" I replied.
"Well, after that I noticed it was a whirpool. I can let you off there but you will have to borrow a life jacket. The time in China now would be round 11:00 in the night. The time there is shorter so to find some things, it will take you thirty minutes there, but fifteen here. I will send you up to the whirpool and you go in it. I will wait fifteen minutes there. But you must give me a map to go to the Antartic. Agreed?" Asked Rockhopper.
"Agreed" Me and Cooldundonald replied. We jumped on the ship and we were off to the whirpool.

When we arrived near the whirpool, Captain Rockhopper stopped his boat.
"This is where you get off, The shortcut to China is directly below" Said Captain Rockhopper, slowing down his boat. Me and Cooldundonald jumped out of the boat and we were in China!

Wow! It was amazing. But boiling. Rockhopper gave us a invention of Gary the gadget guy-The penguin mask. You were cold in the mask. We found two rare cards and then, we found something I could not believe! THE 100 OF SENSEI!!! That could beat any card. Sensei always wanted it! We ran back to the whirpool, and there I was, at Rockhoppers ship.

We went by the migrator to Club penguin. There stood Gary the gadget guy, Rsnail, Billybob, Sensei, Screenhog and all the moderators.
"YOU!! YOU STEALER! I WANT MY MAP BACK!!!!!!!!" Screamed Sensei.
"100 OF SENSEI!" I screamed. Then, I did the 100 of Sensei move. It was cool. It was all the tricks happening in one go. The moderators gasped.
"I am proud of you! You are now a ninja! You found the special, most rare card! You can keep it. I know its not fake. Who made you get to The whirpool?" Asked Sensei after the trick,
"Rockhopper did. He found the map and we tried to get rare cards. Rockhopper found us and he would let us get off at the whirpool IF we gave him your map." Replied Cooldundonald.
"ROCKHOPPER! Thank you for helping these lovely penguins find rare cards! You keep that map. I am proud of you!" Shouted Sensei.

The end.

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