Deal Or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is my favorite show. There are though many rules to follow.


  • Never disturbe the game if the phone rings
  • Always pick a box that you like because if you play, you do not know what to say in the Introduction.


Deal or No Deal is a good game. First, Noel Edmonds tells you about yesterday's show. Then, He calls out the names. Whoever name comes up when the banker stops the names is who will play today. Who is picked will come on stage and sit down or if he/she has a wheelchair, they will sit on their wheelchair. Noel Edmonds will start asking questions of life. Then, Starts the game!!! You choose boxes and then comes a phone call. They give you an offer. You have time to think if you what to continue the game or if you feel to win the money. When you've done that, you ask for the question. Noel Edmonds then says the offer and says 'Deal or No Deal?'. You say No Deal if you want to continue the game or Deal if you want to win the amount of Money. The first offer is normally below than £10.000. If you said 'No Deal', Continue the game. If you say 'Deal', you won't have more offers, except from phone calls which tell you if you have said 'No Deal' what you would have got.

If you said No deal, the game will continue and you must search the blues. If you never say Deal, the amount of money in your box is what you win.

If you say Deal once, You will want to search for £250.000 or the pound 5s.

At the end, you will be asked an offer if you never said deal or a chance to swap. If you said Deal, Noel Edmonds will tell you what your offer would have been and a chance to swap if you deserve one.

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