Horrid Henry Books

Horrid Henry are cool books written by Francesca Simon and Illustrated by Tony Ross. The main character is Horrid Henry. He is a disobedient boy while his brother, Perfect Peter, is the most sensible character who takes pleasure in cleanliness.


Each charecter is an alliteration: an adjective to describe the character is placed in front of the name (except for Mum and Dad). The adjective starts with the same letter as the character's name. Below are a few characters:


Horrid Henry is the main character of all, a disobedient, childish boy. He likes to fool around Moody Margaret's Secret Club, and wishes to be, in the future, King Henry the Horrible - ruler of the world. Horrid Henry loves Crisps, Chocolate, Sweets, Pizza, Chips, TV, Computer Games, The Weekend and last but not least, money! He dislikes Moody Margaret, Perfect Peter, Stuck-up Steve, Bossy Bill, School Dinners, Vegetables, Getting out of bed, Bedtime and injections! His best Friend is Rude Ralph as he is the second-most "naughty" child in the books.


Rude Ralph is Horrid Henry's best friend. Ralph stays up quite late, is spoilt and goes to bed late. He can usually be found at the Purple Hand Gang's fort. Ralph likes burping a lot. He hates saying 'Please', 'Thank you', 'Sorry' and 'You're welcome'.


Moody Margaret has a bossy, snappy attitude. Her club is called the Secret Club (But it is far from a secret). In a story called 'Moody Margaret Casts a spell', she attempts to hypnotise Sour Susan so she can be her slave. But Moody Margaret becomes Horrid Henry's slave. Moody Margaret hates everyone who doesn't do what they are told to do by herself. Her best friend is Sour Susan (only when she is doing what she is told). When Margaret grows up, she would like to be the Prime Minister. As proved in books involving athletics and sports, Moody Margaret is quite a sportive character.


Sour Susan is always bored. Deep down she is not a huge fan of Moody Margaret, even though they are "friends". When she grows up, Sour Susan wants to be a gossip columnist.


Aerobic Al is the fastest person in the books. As some people may mistake "Al" as an abbreviation for Albert or Alfred, it is a common mistake to believe that Al is a boy, but it appears not. She loves running and winning lots of trophies and medals. Al is confident in sports, and so wishes to be an Olympian when older. Her best friend is Beefy Bert as he is easy to beat.


Brainy Brian is a smart, intelligent yet rather shy person. He enjoys solving puzzles and riddles that other children of his age cannot solve. His best friend is Clever Clare, another bright pupil of Henry's school. When Brian grows up, he wants to be an inventor.


Gorgeous Gurinder simply loves bright clothes. She also likes mirrors. She really hates the Dark and I think its because nobody will see her clothes and she can't see how she looks like in mirrors. Her best friend is Lazy Linda. When Gurinder grows up, she would like to be even more gorgeous than she already is.


Perfect Peter is the most sensible character of all the Horrid Henry series. His brother is Horrid Henry, who taunts him throughout the books. Peter is keen and confident, obedient but not exceptionally smart unlike some characters in the books. Peter's best friends are Spotless Sam and Tidy Ted.


Mum is Peter and Henry's mum. She loves Perfect Peter and hates cooking (You can recognise that in the story 'Horrid Henry eats a vegetable'). Peter's mum is like Mrs. Boudicca Battle-Axe (Henry's teacher). She has to scream a lot to Henry. She is quite angry having Henry. When Peter chooses to tell Mum about any taunts Henry gave him, Mum has the common reply of "Don't be horrid, Henry!"


Dad is Henry and Peter's dad. He loves Cooking and hates Henry's Music. He is always running to an emergency of Henry and Peter or to work.

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