Welcome to my Legands site. I hope you Enjoy it.

Legands are type of traditional tales. They have real people in real places. In a legand that I know and in all legands, they changed something for example:

Dragons do not exist. In St. George and the dragon there is a dragon. This means that the dragon was not a dragon. It could have been a monster, Human, Dinasour or a insect.

I shall now tell you the story of St George:

One day in Libya, people have heard about a dragon. The dragon was called Wickedess. Wickedess was a hungry dragon. The people from Seine sent 2 sheep a day from the gate of the town. One day, The King said to do a lottery and the first person's name to come up was the Princess!!! The King said "You broke the law!!! She must not be eaten by that terrible beast!!!". The Towners said "But she must! Our sons will get eaten once and yours will remain". The King was fed up. "Fine!!! She could be eaten but I don't want to see her ever again". A fine saint came and saw the town in flames. His name was St. George. He saw the princess being eaten up and drove there. He took his sword and tried to kill him. But when St. George put the sword near his heart, He reconized he had No Heart!!! The dragon was dead. The King was happy to see his daughter again that he asked St. George to marry her daughter but he said "No".

I know Libya is a real place beside Ancient Egypt. I know St. George existed and I know dragons don't Exist.

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