I enjoy writing poems in my spare time, and the best I am proud of and show some people. On this page you will find some of my favourite poems I have made through the years.

The Admiral

Walking with his royal mace,
Oh, the Admiral’s face!
It lightened up the dark sky
To which I don’t know why
The beggar cried, “If Only, If Only!”
Then the poor and lonely
Turned into rich and grand
All on the Admiral’s land.

Anger's fury

With a skull-like face,
And a wicked old mace.
Death draw nearer by the day.
And when he'll come he'll sweep you away.

Anger rages, anger it does kill;
And when you think it's had its fill,
Anger strikes, one more time.
Your funeral bell, this time it may chime.

With a deep blood red,
And many people dead,
We feel anger even at our mates,
When it'll come we can't control our hate.

Even the polite, even the kind,
Just waiting there for them they shall find,
Even the nice, you know what it is:
Anger's not our friend, you shall find it fizz.

With the fizz and burst,
It's like an old curse.
You'll find it most in the mad.
And people affected, don't you find it sad?

The History of Britain

Our History started with the stone age,
Which was followed by the bronze age,
And then with swords and shields,
Our men began to field!
We were driven into Roman Britian,
But we couldn't save Boudicca.
Into the Saxon Monastries,
And the Vikings needed their feed.
Raids they made on British,
We wondered if they'd finish.
The Normans come along,
Would we be invaded again? Wrong.
The Middle ages drove on,
But Henry Tudor Won.
The Stuarts were in charge,
While witches were at large.
The Georgians were on the throne,
But nowhere near the zone
Of the posh Victorians,
Who were mostly Politicians.
Sooner or later our country was at war,
But nobody knows what for.
In trenches we fought,
But nothing, we thought
Would be as bad as the war.
And in the next 30 years,
War and war are our fears,
World War II we lost our men,
Winston Churchill was there.
Tick ‘em off, on a chart,
‘Cause after World War II in history I loose heart…
The ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, never seem to end…
That’s a fact I hope you can’t defend.
And that's the history of England,
Hopefully you'll understand
The mistakes of History,
It’s all one big-story.

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