Sound Of Music

The Sound of music is a 20th fox century film. Here is a summary:

  • Maria is late for the abbey
  • Mother Abbess tells Maria to travel to the Von Trapp family
  • Maria arrives at the house
  • Rolfe comes at dinner
  • Rolf and Liesel dance
  • Liesel climbs Maria's bedroom
  • The children come up to Maria, saying there afraid of the thunderstorm
  • Maria cheers the children by singing My favorite things.
  • The Captain comes and iterubts the song
  • Maria takes the children to the river
  • Maria teaches the children how to sing.
  • The Barroness meets up with Georg in Vienna.
  • Maria arrives boating.
  • The captain (Georg) tells Maria to leave
  • Georg changes his mind about Maria
  • Maria and the children have a puppet show about The Lonely Goatherhead
  • Uncle Max tells the children to have a party
  • Maria decides to leave The Von Trapp
  • The children visit the abbey
  • Mother Abbess tells Maria to return
  • Maria returns with Happiness
  • Georg and Maria Marry each other
  • Max tells the children that their going to have a competittion
  • The von Trapps escape to the abbey
  • Rolfe discoverers them


It is made by Julie Andrews in 1959. It's a world of songs and has the world's most famous song, Do re mi. The nearest bullet point is Bullet point is no.11 (Maria teaches the children to sing). Climb Every Mountain is the highest-volumed song of all of them in the sound of music. It costs loads of money to visit The London Palladium (See below) and The Pallace Theartre (See Below).


The Palace Theatre

The Palace Theatre in London was were the first Broadway show of the Sound of Music happened in 1959. They don't play The Sound of Music there anymore. They play it at the London Palladium in London.

The London Palladium

The London Palladium in London is were they are currently playing the Sound Of Music. There playing it with Connie Fisher. The palladium stands in Argyil Street, Oxford Circus, London. The nearest Tube station is Bond street and Oxford Circus.

I made a Video about 'My Favourite Things' With Club Penguin on it. Click The arrow to play it.

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