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U.B. Funkeys is a game, Like Club Penguin. To get it, You Must Buy a 'Funkey's Starter Pack'. If you want to Order it Online or You want to buy it in a shop, here is were you buy it:

Buy Online Buy in Shops
Limited Too Limited Too
Amazon Kohls
Kohls Walmart
Walmart Target
Target Toysrus
Toysrus KB Toys
KB Toys Kmart

Are you near any of The Shops in The Table? If you are, Buy U.B. Funkeys in there! Otherwise, Buy it Online. I Brought The Product from Argos.


After You brought it, You have to do some special things! Here are The Instructions:

1. Plug The U.B. Funkeys disk on You're Computer
2. Do The Wizard UNTIL You get to The Part of The Installing
3. Wait while Funkeys is loaded
4. When it comes up 'UB Funkeys is not pluged in', Plug in UB Funkeys
5. Cancel or Close 'The Found New Hardware' Wizard
6. Tick 'Run U.B. Funkeys' If you would Like To Play U.B. Funkeys in The Next Step.
7. Done!


There are so many Funkeys you can get, That all of them can go to New Worlds and New Places! My Favourite Funkeys are Deuce, Lotus, Scratch and Twinx. Whenever you go to a shop, watch out for Funkeys! Below is some Information of some Funkeys.


The Scratch discovered that they had The Power of Music early. With The Music, The Scartch's Managed to win many battles. All The Music on U.B. Funkeys comes from The Scratches. The Music is quite cool, you know!


Many Funkeys want to be Deuce, But The Problem is Deuces actually annoy other Funkeys, But Not those Terrible Henchmans of Master Lox! Not only does Scratch love music because Deuce Loves Music.


The Glubs love The Water! Maybe that is why they go in Kelpy Basin. The Glubs act like fish under The Water! With their super voices of singing, The Glubs can help The Scratches with Music and they act like superstars!


The Boggles love eating. People call them eating machines, and they will eat whatever is on The Floor of Funkeystown. The Boggles have Three Eyes, And they are lime Green. Isn't that COOL!?


The Wasabi love to do nothing. They are high skilled and they are always kind. Whenever you see one, Don't follow him as a Scratch sometimes does in The Funkey Museum (If you heard of The Chasing of The Scratches, It's Me!)


The Lotus love the environment. They are the most peaceful Funkeys. They like to do quite so many things. Maybe they like The Hearts because if you look at them carefully, They have Hearts on Their body.


Never believe that Funkeys with a Telescope are actually Funkeys! I'll tell you about them later. The Funkeys with The Telescope are not sold, They have been made by Evil Master Lox! He started all of The Telescope Funkeys! What he did is he came into Terraphinia and changed Funkeys to Telescope Funkeys! He made Terraphinia one of The Worst country's at that time! It is not cool, But he has sent a misery to The Funkeys. What we need to help Those Henchmans to get away is Deuce! They must annoy The Funkeys in all The Worlds, But you must have every single Funkey to do this! Go into a world and then Change you're Funkey to Deuce, and start annoying The Telescope Funkeys! Deuce must also annoy Their City's Telescope Funkeys.


Did you know that Telescope Funkeys have a name? Their names are 'Henchmans'. They steal you're coins, and It's not their fault. It's Evil Master Loxes! For The terrible Henchmans Mayor Sayso will NEVER Forgive him. So try not to Catch Master Lox or his Evil Henchman! If you catch it for the first time, They will tell you A Story about it. If it's more than once that you have caught it, It will come up 'HENCHMAN'. You have to click on The Purple Button as much as you can when you catch one! Don't Think about Something else! Concentrate on The Henchmans! The worst place I can go to is Kelpy Basin Because Henchmans Always Catch me when I'm changing My Funkey! The First time it happened, I just entered Kelpy Basin and There were seats. There a Henchman caught me! That was actually the first time I caught a Henchman. The Second Time it happened in Kelpy Basin was on The 17 March 2008 at 2:12 PM! I was a Scratch trying to Enter 'Twinx heaven' And I was about to change My Funkey to A Twinx but The Henchman caught me. It was one of the worst times I logged on U.B. Funkeys! Also, What happened one day nearly made me say 'Bad Luck!'. I was on a side Of Funkeystown, just about to cross a south bridge. A Henchman was about to cross the bridge, So what I did was go to my crib as I sometimes do when I see a Henchman. A few seconds later, I went back and did you know what happened? The Henchman was still there! I hate those Henchmans! But will Master Lox come back to Terraphinia one day? Or did he Leave us forever? Perhaps not…But we must see how it goes in The Future! If he does come back, I'd rather turn myself in a Henchman! Or maybe I would kill Evil Master Lox! Lets he how much coins Ill get if I do. But this only will happen if he returns! The First time I caught a Henchman in Kelpy Basin, A Scratch hid somewhere And I felt quite sad!


Did you know who invented Funkeys? Only One Person called Mayor Sayso. He Lives in Grand Funkeys station, Were The Information is held. He can tell you all about Funkeys! Did you know That You can not buy Mayor Sayso? There is No Way you can buy Master Lox, A Henchman, Dr. Tinker or A Famous character of The Funkeys. Maybe, Mayor Sayso will go out of Funkeys station and Live in a new world! Or, He would stay there…Forever!


Sometimes when you enter Rooms, Henchmans try to get you! On The 20 March 2008, I was entering Mama Gorge and did you know what happened? A Henchman came up to me, But I managed to escape quickly! When I was entering The Lotus building on The Same Day, A Henchman was hiding near it. I can not believe what they do all day! I know sometimes it's hard to escape but, My Friend can escape from Henchmans In a Very special way. Another Friend was watching me entering Mama Gorge on The 20 March 2008 and He saw a Henchman for The First Time! It was incredible! Henchmans can get you at any time. Under Here are some Pictures of Master Lox and his evil Henchman.



Have you ever seen a Circle in The Middle of three pointy things? Well, They are called 'Portals'. Go inside them to go to a different world. If it says '(Name of Portal) is deind to (Funkey)', Change your funkey to a different funkey. What happened was that You do not have The right Funkey for The Right Portal. I can tell you some funkeys which can go to a Portal. Below is what funkeys can go to what portal

Funkeystown Funkeys Kelpy Basin Funkeys Funkiki Island Funkeys Mama Gorge Funkeys Laputa Station Funkeys
Scratch Twinx Nibble Bones Xener
Lotus Glub Sol Deuce Vroom
U.B. Tiki Flurry Wasabi Fallout
Sprout Webley Stitch Boggle

I don't know all The Funkeys, But with The Help of Youtube, I got most of it done. Some funkeys are not written down because I could not find any videos with them. I found Nibble for Funkiki Island, And that was the only one I could think of which went to Funkiki Island. I'm not so sure if all of The Portals written do exist, Or that terrible Master Lox destroyed them! I a sure Funkeystown, Kelp Basin and Mama Gorge exist. Did you know that some Portals have Wires all over The Place? That Portal is Broken, and That was THE GREAT DISASTER OF FUNKEYS! Let's say I am a henchman and I was born in Kelpy Basin. I can never go out of Kelpy Basin, So If you enter a World like Kelpy Basin and a Henchman catches you, The Henchman which caught you was born in Kelpy Basin and It can NEVER Go out of Kelpy Basin. This information does not have to go only to Kelpy Basin Funkeys, because It's the same thing which happens with Mama Gorge, Funkiki Island and all of the worlds. My Favourite world is Kelpy Basin, because My Favourite Funkey, Glub, Can go to Kelpy Basin. And, Twinx can go to and I do have Twinx. Glub Castle is My Favourite Room. Fish-Bowling is My Favourite Game. But, Will there ever be New Portals and New Funkeys that will change Kelpy Basin to my second Favorite? And Glub will become my Second Favourite Funkey? This question has been left unknown unless we were in The Future. Will Master Lox destroy all of The Portals if he Comes Back? We do not know. Did you know Henchmans can't go in rooms? It's quite interesting, But there must be a way Henchmans can hide out. Room's are not only in Funkeystown! If you go to Funkiki Island, Watch out because it is so big and its like a maze with the bushes!


Have you ever seen Funkeys not staying with Henchmans for a long time? This is because They found a Hoodwink. Hoodwinks are shiny items which you see. I think more are in The World Containing Henchmans and Master Loxes Tomb-Mama Gorge. I know where a Hoodwink is hidden, But there is a Problem! I only know its near The 'Wasabi Room'. I don't know What The room is called, Though. Well, Hoodwinks may be hidden anywhere; Mama Gorge, Funkeystown, Kelpy Basin, Laputa Station, Funkiki Island! If I did see a Hoodwink in Kelpy Basin, I'd definitely get it because Henchmans Always Catch me in Kelpy Basin. Do you know what happens if a Henchman Catches you and you have a Hoodwink? Well…The answer is They don't take you're coins so instead They Take The Hoodwink. Next time you do catch a Henchman, They will steal you're Coins! It's not always Peaceful in Funkeystown is one of The Famous words said. And do you know why? Henchmans! It would be peaceful if you found a Hoodwink every second, Wouldn't it?


As you might have heard, Mama Gorge is cool. It has Lava all over The Place! At some point of Mama Gorge is Evil Master Lox's Tomb! Next to it is a Henchman Tomb! People claim that 'Mama Gorge' is home to all of The Evil Funkeys, But This is not true. I think it's home to The Cute Funkeys which are very cool. I know all of The Funkeys which can go to Mama Gorge, They are:

  • Deuce
  • Bones
  • Wasabi
  • Stitch

Stitch and Bones may be scary, But Wasabi and Deuce are not scary at all! Deuce can go to Double Deuce Dinner and his game is called Recorder Rampage. It has 'The Red Devil' Sign near it! A Hoodwink is somewhere in Mama Gorge; Near The Wasabi Room. If you find some ancient bones, go near them. Get every single one of them and you will be able to get a Dinasour in you're Crib which is you're home. Did you know that Deuce and Stitch love chasing Funkeys? In The Stitch's Game They have to chase The Other Stitch, But if you get caught by The Ghost, The game is over! Deuce do not have a chasing game, but they do have a catching game called 'Recorder Rampage'. It is so cool! I get like 50 Coins. My Friend gets The Same, But he won his first trophy with it. I only play recorder rampage when I am bored of all The Other games, Museum Mask Mayhew, Funk joog, Twinx Dream and Mix Master Scratch. Mama Gorge is one of my favourite worlds. If you do have Deuce and Stitch, You are great in chasing. If you have Deuce, you are good at catching. If you have Stitch, You are good in chasing, Not catching.


Kelpy Basin is home to the Female Funkeys and Good-Singers Funkeys. Henchmans always catch me in Kelpy Basin. The nearest room to The Portal is 'The Glub Castle'. It is full of water. It has got one of my favourite games, Fish-Bowling. Its just Bowling. I know there are many shops in Kelpy Basin, But Thumb Nursery is my favourite one. Before I do tell you about The Shops, I'll tell you about The Portal. The Portal is a Blue Portal. If you are trying to go to Kelpy Basin and You are in Funkeystown, I have got to tell you a warning!!! THE WARNING IS: IF YOU DO WANT TO GO TO KELPY BASIN, THERE IS A LONG BRIDGE AND HENCHMANS ARE GUARDING IT!!! If you want to take The Risk, You have got to keep going south. Don't go Near The Ships and The River! Kelpy Basin is just South. Not South East, Not South West, Just South. Continue to go until you find two Bridges which meet together. In The Middle is A Portal, And that is Kelpy Basin. When you arrive, You will here Ocean Sounds. Don't go North this time. stay in The area of The Portal, And go South East of The Area. There are small seats. That is where The First Henchman Caught me. Near there I think there is a tall building, And that is were a Scratch hid when The Henchman caught me. There are so many fun things in Kelpy Basin, Like One of my favourite places, Twinx heaven and The Shops. Twinx Heaven is spelt not correctly, Because The Twinx do not say it as It is written. If you do have Twinx, You should go east all The Time until you find Twinx Heaven. I really Like Twinx Heaven, But watch out! A Henchman once caught me when I was a Scratch, Playing as If I was a Twinx and A Henchman caught me The Second It said It was Deined. Well, In The Heaven, It is all like Outside. Play Twinx Dream! I have Two Trophy for playing it and it is on My Gameboard. It is so cool! Once I got there with A Friend and While Playing The Game I changed my Funkey to Lotus and did you know what happened? Every single Twinx in it said how come I was in The Wrong Heaven? And How come I was in The Wrong World, Kelpy Basin? I changed my Funkey, Of Course! If you did see that day, That's me! Not only is Twinx Heaven so important, It is the biggest room in Kelpy Basin! I manage to get to Level 8 on Twinx Dream (And once I managed to get to level 15)! It is so fun, But watch out for Those nasty Henchmans! There are hoodwinks everywhere, And I think one is in Kelpy Basin. The Glub Castle is cool! I am an expert at Fish-Bowling. It's on my gameboard and I earned my Third Trophy with The Game! But in a few days later, Somebody stole it! This was on the 26th March 2008. When I went to Kelpy Basin to find The Glub Castle, A Henchman did not catch me! I was in Glub Castle nearly all The Time. I was worried about finding The Kelpy Basin Portal, But I managed! I did not believe a Henchman caught me. Did you know that in Glub Mart they have so many things which I like? Best of all, Try getting 'Fish-Bowling' on your gameboard because what happens is That you get teeth for your crib! If you do have a Funkey which can go to Mama Gorge, The Teeth can go which The Dinasour statue. Its hard to get Fish-Bowling on your gameboard, But I manage to do it. So remember, Watch out for Kelpy Basin!


Whoa! I managed to get to level 15 on Twinx Dream and now I have:

  • Twinx Dream on my Gameboard
  • The Twinx Dream Trophy
  • Rainbow Wallpaper!!!


Laputta Station may be spelt wrong on my website, But I think its as It is written. Laputta station is a space station. Boggle, Xener, Fallout and Vroom can go there. Vroom's room is the largest room in Laputta Station. If you do look at The Name of Vroom's room, You can see it is French. Vroom also sound like it's French to me. I am good in 'Vroom Ball'. I don't want to change The Subject to Vroom, though! The Fallout Nuclear Power Station is so cool! I am great at Fusion Fulley, But it seems The Longer you play, The worst you get! I do not like The Game so much because of it. I don't understand how to play Xener's game!!! I hate That game. I don't understand Boggle's game. It is a spider Game is the only information I know! The Boggles are Aliens, So dont be afraid if they are near you! Remember that Funkeys are fun, loving and kind creatures!

There is also a video about new funkeys coming out this year. They can go to Dream State and Speed Racer. Take a look at it.


I don't want to go so much out of The Subject, though. The Answer To why Boggle can go to Laputta Station is because He is a Alien and he goes to planets, And Laputta Station is Funkeystown's Space Station. I don't know so much about Laputta Station. I do know some stuff, Though! I don't know why Vroom can go to Laputta Station when he has nothing to do with Space, and also with Fallout! I don't know the answers to so many questions.

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