UB Funkeys Story

Hello, And Welcome to UB Funkey's story! Each year, We will add a story about the Past Year. Today, We have Two Stories. They are called 'Heading for Water' and 'The Henchman Fight'. The Stories are like a Legand because I invented some of it.


Whoo hoo! Some coins earned with Hetic Half Pipe! I cant believe it. Hmm…I'll try Fishing, I thought. Oh no! I had my feet dirty. Those naughty Kooties From Funkiki Island! And besides, There is no water here! Ill just have to head to The Sol's Beach and get back. But wait a second, When is it my Fishing time? I'd fish in Sol's beach. Why is it always Gone Fishing? Oh no! A Native! Yes! I defeated him. And now 53 Coconuts! Whoo hoo! Lets continue. Snake! Yes! Sol's Beach! At Last! Let's get The Beach Shower. Shall I go to Kelpy Basin? Nah. Should I enter The Relaxation Resort? Nah, A Native will get me. This is fun! And I head to The Grand Stand of Speed Racer everyday. Not today. I'm Flurry so I stay where there is The Snow! Oh no! A Sol! I'm now hot! Maybe I should not go for water next time.


Yes! Speed Racer rules! Boxing with Speed Racer is so good! Yes! Yes! I won! I wonder if There is a New Version out, Hmm…I dunno. I logged off and I logged in. What? The Grand Henchman Fight? I already downloaded it. And 0 Minutes? The Same Version? Nothing would change! I downloaded it. One Day Later I cleared My Crib. Oh…That's what it does! It gives you three more types of Cribs, Cool!

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